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Dances taught by Bob in class

I'm on My Way by Maggie.g

Miss Congeniality by [Julie.L & Sebastiaan.H

Toe To Toe by [Tina.A]

Blue Moon Party by [Bob.f]

Fun in The Sun by [Bob.F]

Come On And Dance [P & A]

On The Roof

The Chosen Few by {Bob.F]

Long Shot

Love You Cha by { Grace.D]

Some Kind of Wonderfull [Garry.O]

So Dumb by {Bob.F]

Rocket To The Sun by [Maddoson.G]

Stroll Along Cha

Cowboy Strut

Pushin' & Shovin' (Maggie Gallagher)

Back to the Start (Hayley Wheatley)

Thankyou (Caroline Cooper and Tanya Turner)

Go With Me (Bob Francis)

River of Tears (Bob Francis)

Who Needs Mexico (Claire Bell)

The Magic of Love (Bob Francis)

Vacation (Maddison Glover)

Off the Beaten Track (Gary O'Reilly)

Bonaporte's Retreat (Maddison Glover)

Absolutely (Neils Poulsen)


Dances taught by Bob in class

Nickajack by [Rob.F]

Sweet Ireland by [Gary.o]

Looking For You by {Ria.v]

E M F by {Chris.G & Mark.F]

What a Song Can Do by {Heather.B]

Martha Divine by {TINA.A]

When Love Ain't Enough by [Bob]

Till You Can't by [Garry.O]

Day One One Day by [Ria.V]

Girls Go Wild by {BOB]

Something you Love by [Maggie.G]

Down on Your Uppers by [Garry.O]

I Close My Eyes by {Hazel.P]

Heart Body & Soul by [Yvonne.A]

Love Is All We Need by [Bob.F]

I Told You So by [Bob]

Blue Night Cha

Lonely Drum by [Darren.B]

Corn by [Rob.F]

Adalaida by [Garry.O]

The Long way Home by [Marie.S]

Until The Dawn by[ Kim.R]

Down At The Honky Tonk by {Darren.B]

Let's Just Dance by [Bob.F]

Champagne Promise by [Tina.A]

Going Out Out by {Niels>P]

Off The Beaten Track by [ Garry.O]

Live & Let Live by [Bob.F]

The Older I Get by {Caecilia.F]

I Give My Heart {waltz] by Bob.F]

Who Needs Mexico by [Wil.B]

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Dances taught by Bob

Traitor High level Waltz by Ria.v & Colin.g

Portland Cha by Niels.p & friends

I See Stars by [Maggie.g]

How About That by [Karl & Jamie]

1+1 by [Niels.p]

Blinded by Beauty by [Niels.P]

Dopamine by [Garry.O]

Danger Twins by [Karl & Jamie]

In Heaven by [Karl}

Til You Cant by {Garry.O]

Only Us by [Maggie.G]

Second To Midnight by [ Karl]

Shiver by {P & A }

Here Goes Nothing by [Garry.O]

Starlight's by {Garry & Maggie}

Kiss My UH OH by [Karl}

Morning Sun by [Robbie.MH]

Hard Working Man by [Bob]

Beautifull in My Eyes by [Simon.W]

Soul Shake by {Fred.W]

Winter Green by Maggie.G]

Faithful Soul by {Maggie.G]

Sleeping In The Stars by [Kim.R]

Graffiti by [Karl]

Tightrope by {Maggie.G]

Turning Tables by {Maddison.G]

Dance Before You Leave Me by [Maggie.G]

Lets Get Physical by [Karl & Lucy]

Human Dancer by

Better Man (Kim Ray)

Jessie (Rachel McEnaney-White and Simon Ward)

We'll Be Dancing (Maggie Gallagher)

In Control (Andrew, Simon and Sheila)

My Angel and Me (Karl-Harry Winson)

Just a Phase (Fred Whitehouse and Maddison Glover)

Candlelight (Rob Fowler)

I Am Giant (Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris)

It's You & I (Maggie Gallagher)

Something You Love (Maggie Gallagher)

She Ain't Me (Maggie Gallagher)

Legend (Robbie McGowan Hickie and Karl-Harry Winson)

Strange Roses (Kim Ray)

Get Wild (Maddison Gallagher and Jo Thompson Szymanski)

Reminiscence (Simon Ward)

Thousand Times (Neils Poulsen)