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Dances taught by Bob in class

Sweet Crazy Love [ Bob.F]

Lass of Wine [Malene.J]

Kiss Kiss Kiss [Bob.f]

Second Hand Emotions {Ria.v]

Keeping You Dancing [Jamie.b]

Who Needs To Know [Joshua.T]

Wait A Minute Mr Postman [Alison.J]

Run Like The Wind [Bob.f]

Drives Me Crazy by [Jef.C & Roy.v]

Moon Light Waltz By [Bob,f]

Boys Boys Boys by {Bob}ab beg

By The River by [Andrina.F]beg

When The Heartache Is Over [Bob.f]

Half Way To Errogie by {Bob,f]

Hayya Hayya by {Ray.J & May.l]

Lucky Lips by [Garry,L]

When Will I Be Loved by [Garry.O]

Down on Your Upper by [Garry.o]

Dance With Everybody by {Michelle.W]

Remix of Love by [Garry.O]

Heave Away by Rob.F]

Lov You Cha by [Grace.d]

Love Grows by[ Maddison.g & Craig.b]

Feel The Beat by [Bob]

Dial L For Love by Bob

My Sweet Calendar Girl by Bob

I'm on My Way by Maggie.g

Miss Congeniality by [Julie.L & Sebastiaan.H

Toe To Toe by [Tina.A]

Blue Moon Party by [Bob.f]

Fun in The Sun by [Bob.F]

Come On And Dance [P & A]

On The Roof

The Chosen Few by {Bob.F]

Long Shot

Love You Cha by { Grace.D]

Some Kind of Wonderfull [Garry.O]

So Dumb by {Bob.F]

Rocket To The Sun by [Maddoson.G]

Stroll Along Cha

Cowboy Strut

Pushin' & Shovin' (Maggie Gallagher)

Back to the Start (Hayley Wheatley)

Thankyou (Caroline Cooper and Tanya Turner)

Go With Me (Bob Francis)

River of Tears (Bob Francis)

Who Needs Mexico (Claire Bell)

The Magic of Love (Bob Francis)

Vacation (Maddison Glover)

Off the Beaten Track (Gary O'Reilly)

Bonaporte's Retreat (Maddison Glover)

Absolutely (Neils Poulsen)


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